After a five-year wait, singer Tarrus Riley is ready to release his next compilation. His last album was Love Situations in 2014 The album, which has yet to be titled, is slated for release early next year, and he stated that it will see him exploring some new musical styles. “As son as unu done say ‘happy new year’ and pop unu champagne and bun unu spliff and ready to listen to some music, me have the album. It’s ready now, we just detailing out some things,” he said. “The core never change, the message never changes, but definitely the expressions will change. If you hear Guess Who, it’s a different kind of style, I don’t give you that style ever. A man wah know if a rap me a rap or what. But a just high-energy music to be expected,” he said of the new project. Guess Who is the first single to be released from the new project. It sees the artiste sampling Mykal Rose’s hit single, Guess who’s coming to dinner, with a modern spin. Speaking about the single as well as what listener’s can expect from his new album, Riley revealed that over the years, he has tried different styles because he wants his music to reach people all over the globe. He explained that as an artist, he understands that people have different tastes in music and he wants his music to resonate with as many persons as possible. “The vibe you will get from this album is the same vibe that you get in the concert. Over the years, I’ve been doing different styles in music because I want all the ears in the world and yuh have whole heap a different people. Some people love songs, some people love culture songs. some people love slow songs, some people love fast songs different people like different things,” he ended. He added, “I think the man that does one thing can only do one thing, but I think a man that can do more than one thing should just express himself and do whole heap a different vibe.” Speaking of a different vibe, Riley revealed that there are a number of features that help him achieve his goal of delivering an album with a ‘different sound’. He was, however, tight-lipped on what those features are, stating that people will just have to just wait. “There are features but I’m keeping that a surprise,” he said. “Yuh can’t let out everything inna one go, certain likkle things you affi leave unknown.


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